Saturday, July 20, 2024

Residential White Glove Services

Washer and Dryer

Think about being pampered by a Concierge at a 5-star hotel without breaking the bank. That is our service.  We arrive on time, we show up professionally dressed, we even place a fresh pair of shoe protectors on before entering your home if requested. We provide an overwhelming quality of service that makes you call us year after year. Also, we depend on your word of mouth to help us build the Clear Flow DVC family. You will not do that unless we “wow” you, and that is exactly what we will do.

“What is included,” you ask?

We first start by air-lifting (yes, air-lifting) your dryer away from the wall. Why do we go to this extreme? Do you possibly want your dryer’s legs to be bent, your floor to be scratched, or your walls to be dented? Neither do we! It also allows for perfect placement when returning the dryer back into position and not crushing the dryer vent hose. More issues are caused when dryers are “pushed” back into position not realizing that hose had been crushed or squeezed causing flow restriction.

Air Lift
Clear Flow DVC floats your dryer on a cushion of air avoiding damage to your floor and your dryer unit.

Clear Flow Dryer Vent Cleaning will vacuum the dryer’s front lint section, under the filter, along with the screen as well as the dryer’s rear air intakes and exhaust. For first time clients, we will also replace your dryer vent hose with a high quality DryerFlex hose at no additional cost. That alone has a $115 Installed Value. This newer technology combines the flexibility of the old foil type hoses while drastically increasing it’s crush resistance as well as it’s higher heat resistance. We will also secure both sides with screw tighten clamps, not the cheap squeezable ones that easily fall off. Again, at no additional cost. For more details on the dryer hose we use, please visit

This is where we get a little “mum’s the word” on our technique as we do not want others to be able to copy. What we will tell you is that we use only commercial grade high powered HEPA vacuums, commercial grade dual rotating brushes with a few other little tricks up our sleeves. The result? Clean vent all the way to the vent’s exit. “Where is the proof?”, you ask. Simple. We run a HD camera up the entire vent shaft and show you live footage of your duct system. Our camera has adjustable lighting so you get a clear picture all the way through. Upon request during scheduling, we can also create a video of your duct and post it to our You Tube page for your viewing, at an additional charge. This is helpful when damage is present and you need to pass on the information to a roofing company or your builder for a warranty claim as well as for property managers needing to show clients proof of work.

You may have noticed we state “At No Additional Charge” a lot. That is because there never is. Probably the biggest “black eye” on this industry are those companies that advertise and promote cheap pricing and then hit you with multiple additional charges once onsite. Other companies also advertise a low price and then state the normal charge is higher somewhere else on their site. Why do they do this? We do not know either. For us, “One Vent, One Price.” For those of you that have multiple vents in your home (more than one dryer), of course we charge for that as well, but the free DryerFlex hose is included on your second dryer as well and we give a $10 discount on EACH ($20 total discount) dryer if we can clean them both the same day. A return trip for second dryer would be full price, but we are guessing you are smart enough to realize that. We like dealing with smart clients.

Do we go on the roof? Do you really want us up there? We do not want to go up there either. Many companies state they need to go on the roof. Some do this just for the famous “additional charge”. We find with our equipment and techniques it is usually not necessary. Again, remember we are videoing our process for proof of completion. With that said, it is always smart to never to say never. If we find it necessary and safe, we will. During the HD inspection part of the process, we get the camera up to the roof’s exit. We then blow a little air up the duct to see if the flapper of the duct is working, if its not, we do go up. Due to new liability issues though, we can not go up on Box Two Stories or Tile or Metal Roofs, only licensed roofers should be up there. For those of you who are reaching out to us because you lost a store bought brush kit (more to follow) or another company may have caused an issue in your vent, we just ask for you to be upfront with us. We will find out the truth but knowing allows us to approach the task differently and maybe prevent more damage to your vent system. Click here to schedule a visit: You may also call us at (813) 992-3569.