Saturday, July 20, 2024

From Our Founder

Throughout my careers one aspect has always been included: How to figure out the best way to complete a task. From creating tons of SOW’s & SOP’s (Scope of Work & Standard Operating Procedures) for nationwide installation projects to procedures and teachings on how to best repair multiple types/brands of digital office equipment. I have always had the driving desire to figure out the best path for completion in every task. Return trips due to failed installs or repairs were unacceptable not only as a “loss” for the business, but a drop in customer satisfaction as well. Both outcomes were damaging.

Although there are many fine individuals in the dryer vent cleaning industry, I saw many issues that needed attention and processes that could be drastically improved and better equipment used. With that in mind, I spared no expense researching and purchasing the best commercial grade HEPA systems along with other value adds that no one I have come across uses or advertises. Our vacuums alone have over three times the suction (CFM’s) than most others that I have seen. Our process of providing a video recording showing proof of a job well done is unheard of.

There is much more that we offer but understand this, when you use our company, you will know 100% that the job you paid for was the job you received and then some. That is my promise to you. Feel free to reach out to my personal email at any time: