Sunday, April 21, 2024

Welcome to Clear Flow

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Clear Flow DVC and what makes us special compared to all others in this needed industry. As more than 15,000 dryer vent fires occur annually, we take pride in not only our superior work ethic and advanced techniques, but also take solace in the fact that our actions help prevent loss of life and property. Every time we go out on location to perform a dryer vent cleaning, our mindset is for optimal fire safety. True, a clean dryer vent also cuts back on your electricity/gas bill and increases the longevity of your dryer, but in the big picture, you and your family’s safety is our number one goal. For any questions you may have, please read through our site or email us at You may also call us at (813) 992-3569.

girl checking watch in laundry
Is your dryer taking longer than it used to? That is one of the signs of a dirty or clogged vent system.

Clear Flow DVC offers two types of services. Residential White Glove Service and Commercial Property Services. We currently cover most of Florida* for Residential White Glove Service and cover the South Eastern United States** for Commercial Property Services. Our calendars fill up quick so please do not hesitate to reach out soon. Residential White Glove Service runs from Monday through Friday while Commercial Property Services may include Saturdays & Sundays under certain circumstances. Please email for availability. We try to get back to you ASAP, if late in the day, expect the following morning for a response.

*For locations further away we may need to schedule dryer vent cleaning at a time when multiple clients are scheduled in same area.

**Commercial Property Services are qualified based on a needed door count outside of FL.

woman disgusted with laundry
Clothes coming out wet or damp after cycle ends? That is another sign that our service is needed.

Big Box Store Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

Noooooooooo! Do not you even think about it! Ok, truth. If you have a dryer that has a vent feeding directly into an exterior wall (3 foot run or less), then yes, you can buy it. But you still have to muscle out the dryer, may scratch the floor, bend a leg, or wrench your back doing so. We understand guys like to be macho when they can, we try as well. That kit will work for you. Why? Well, if it fails, it is such a small vent run you can reach in and pull it out. Now, for everyone else that has longer runs, stay away from them. Here are the issues:

  • The brush spins in only one direction, if you hit reverse on your drill, it might loosen and disconnect somewhere in your vent. That is a big problem.
  • One directional brushes also do not clean as well and could push some of the lint up as you extend it up the vent. You could be causing a clog. That is another problem.
  • If the kit does not come with enough shafts or you do not buy a second kit to compensate, you will soon be heading to your roof’s dryer vent to push a clog back down.
  • One of the most common issues with those kits is again the limitations with their length. So you went as far as you could from the laundry room vent access, you then climbed on the roof and went down as far as possible from there. What happened? You successfully formed a solid lint barrier between the two in the small area neither could reach. 100% blocked now. A big problem.
  • Finally, you have a buddy that tells you, “Hey, use your gas lawn blower and just blow that puppy out!” REALLY bad idea. The only time you should use a blowing force is when you know the vent is mostly or basically clear and you are just getting that last bit out that you seem to miss. There are a few different scenarios:
  • As vent is too clogged to allow that much air flow through, the lint blows back into your house. A lot of clean up, but just a hassle.
  • As lint is sometimes damp from the moisture of the dryer, that force makes a super duper clog as the lint is compacted. The end result is 100% blockage.
  • There is damage in your duct system and you just blew nice flammable lint all into your attic. Fire hazard just spread to hard to reach areas.
match stick house about to be set on fire
Dryer lint is extremely flammable. If it has been awhile since you last cleaned your vent, please contact us soon.